13 June 2011

Alrighty Then...

As I sit here eating my left over corn chowder from yesterday, I realize how long I just let my blog sit with no activity. I've also changed the URL, which stinks because all the people that had Kristie's Kitchen in their blogroll, well the link won't work anymore. :(

I've been uber busy with work and school, but things seem to be winding down a little bit with school. I've only got a week of class left and I think I'll be taking the summer off!

My goal with this blog, is to hopefully help some people clean and organize their homes, redecorate and remodel and make delicious home cooked meals (and its a place where I can go to just blather on about nothing special... lol)! You can see from my older posts that I have a lot of recipes posted, and I promise I'll put new recipes up again!

12 June 2011

Oh so sad... :-)

It's really sad that I haven't blogged in such a long time! With home projects coming to an end, and new projects starting up, I promise to blog more in the coming months!